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Becca didn’t attend her mother’s burial and family did not mention her in mother’s biography

Popular Ghanaian musician-Becca can be described as soo many ways—arrogant, disrespectful, a hypocrite, and so on.

It uncommon for a daughter to attend a burial services of his/ her biological mother.But Becca is seen by this act. She failed to show up at the burial of her mother-Juliana Yiadom Oti who pass away in London on 7th January 2021.

The family of Juliana Yiadom Oti in London who were not surprised as Becca’s failure to attend the last Saturday burial service anticipated her contemptuous behavior—and therefore completely deleted her off from the mentions in Juliana Oti’s ‘Celebration of Life’ book.

The biography of Juliana Yiadom Oti which was featured in the celebration of Life’ book handed out at the burial and church service did not mention Becca as a daughter. She was not recognized and I applaud the family for this.

With all this Becca organised her own Thanks Giving Service in Accra, Ghana—for her deceased mother, separate from what the family had sanctioned and were doing in the UK.

In the ‘Celebration of Life’ book, Juliana Yiadom Oti’s other two children—young boys—who were born in London when she moved to the UK wrote a touching tribute to their mother. These were the two boys who were mentioned as her surviving children.

The boys wrote: “You were the most wonderful mum, a treasure that can never be replaced. You matured us with your tender love and supported us in every way. One in a million, we will never forget the precious time we shared as a family. We will always deeply cherish the memories we have of you.”

Juliana Yiadom Oti’s husband also wrote: “God blessed me with a special gift, a beautiful woman to love. My wife, my life partner, my best friend, my hero. The mother of my children so loving, tender, and a blessing to our home.”

Now that Juliana Yiadom Oti is gone, let’s hope the regret does not set in for Becca as soon as we expect.

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