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My colleagues framed me up – Policeman speaks from prison

A Policeman who has been jailed for seven years for borrowing ¢5,000 has disclosed that his Police colleagues framed him up to have him incarcerated.

According to him, he was not given a listening ear in the handling of the case but was slapped with bogus charges and subsequently just sentenced by a judge to jail a 7-year jail term which has since broken him, his family and everyone around him.

Narrating his ordeal to the Crime Check TV monitored by MyNewsGh.com, the former Police officer whose name was given as Lucas said he took a loan of ¢5,000 from a woman who he lived with in the same compound with an agreement of paying ¢500 each month.

However, along the line, he had to leave work for two weeks and therefore traveled to his village to work on his cocoa farm.

A distraught convict said while he was there, the lady called to complain that he had bolted just because he doesn’t want to pay back the money he borrowed. Although Lucas assured her that he had not bolted and that he will pay the money for that particular month, the lady who got infuriated hanged up the call.

He said he was later contacted by an official of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) who said he was needed at the station.

Sensing the impending danger, the convict said he left the village for his station only to be greeted by the presence of five Policemen who marched him to the police station and got him locked up.

“So when I came, I got to my house and the place was surrounded by five Policemen. My wife took my bag and I joined them at the station. When we got to the station I was not allowed to write my statement. I was rushed for the court because the CID said the Judge had to travel. When we got to the court, the statement that was read to me purported to have come from me was shocking because I did not write any statement. The Judge then asked me if I was guilty and I said yes but I could explain. But I was not allowed to explain and was sent on remand,” he said, indicating that he suspected his colleagues had taken some money and worked relentlessly to ensure that he was jailed.

“They came to take me on a Friday back to the court. At the court on the day, I was sentenced to seven years in prison. Although I raised my hands to be heard and explain what exactly happened,I was not given a listening ear by the Judge. So I asked the CID when I was being processed for the Prison that did I have an option of paying the loan so that I will be freed, the CID told me that no and that if I come back, the woman also has the option of even calling for my arrest again.”

“The Police are not good people and because of greed, they will do anything to get money. I’ve known this system for a very long time, but I was quiet about it because if you complain, you may lose your job. This is because it will be said that you’ve revealed the secret of the police. The Police will take money from complainants and ensure that victims are incarcerated at all cost and that is a bad thing,” he said while revealing how bad the Police can be.

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